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The Flying Pharmacy

As a long-established UK-registered pharmacy, Derek Clarke prides itself in delivering genuine medicines to you, no matter where you may be in the world.


One of the greatest concerns for international travellers and tourists is being stranded a long way from home without medical help. Since its formation over 20 years ago the Flying Pharmacy service has proved invaluable to a great number of British, American and other nationals working or on holiday overseas. We send express, overseas deliveries of urgently needed, high quality medicines that are often unavailable in a foreign country.


Whether you find yourself working abroad, or are simply on vacation, you and your loved ones can relax in the knowledge that the Flying Pharmacy is right around the corner and ready to help.


Our medicines and medical products are manufactured in Western Europe by the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies and are delivered anywhere and everywhere by express shippers within five working days.


We complete local customs’ clearance on your behalf, as long as the medicine you have been prescribed is:


  • Not a prohibited or restricted substance
  • Covered by a valid prescription
  • For your own personal use or that of a dependant
  • Not for delivery within the UK

We can ship up to three months' supply of the medication within a matter of days. We simply require:


  • A faxed or emailed copy of your prescription

If this is not immediately available, kindly provide us with the names and quantities of the medicines you require and the name and address of your doctor or practitioner


  • We will then fax or email you a personalised order form including the price of your prescription
  • Please include your name, address and credit card information and fax or email us back a completed order-form

Once payment has been processed your medicine will be dispatched by express door-to-door courier.

Please note we CANNOT ship any medication without a clear copy of a valid prescription.

Special Items

US$ 150.00 per 10 x 1ml

Products Available


ANTAGON 0.25mg
GONAL-F 75iu
SYNAREL 60 dose
MENOPUR 75iu Pack of 10


Please note that trade names can vary from market to market; for more precise specifications, please contact our pharmacy team.

Contact details

Our skilled team of pharmacy professionals can be contacted 24/7 on:

+ 44 20 8952 2061, + 44 20 8951 4546

Fax: +44 20 8952 2995




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