Electronic Prescription Service

"     Electronic Prescription Service allows patients to send prescriptions electronically from their GP surgery directly to their chosen community pharmacy. This will save the patient time, as they no longer have to collect the prescription from t... read the rest » "

Flu Vaccination Service

"   Flu vaccination is available every year from September to March to help protect adults and children at risk of flu and its complications. Flu can present in many unpleasant symptoms, but if you are otherwise healthy it will usually clear u... read the rest » "

Travel Clinic

" Our team at Derek Clarke Pharmacy provide a comprehensive range of travel healthcare advice, vaccines and anti-malarials to travellers, families and corporates. We pride ourselves on our deep, specialist knowledge and the quality of the care that ... read the rest » "

Repeat Prescriptions

" Derek Clarke Pharmacy makes it easier for you to have your prescriptions and medication as and when you need them. We can collect prescriptions on your behalf from the following surgeries:   Lane End Medical Group, 2 Penshurst Garden, Edgware ... read the rest » "

Unwanted Medicines

"   You should always complete the full course of any medicines prescribed to you. If you still have any medicines from old prescriptions or any unwanted medication, we can safely dispose of them for you in an appropriate and environmentally safe ma... read the rest » "

Home Delivery for Prescription Medication

"   Derek Clarke offers a prescription collection and delivery service. With our Home Delivery program, we make sure that the patients receive their deliveries on time. For further information please call us or speak to one of our Pharmacists.   P... read the rest » "

Customer Service

"   At Derek Clarke Pharmacy we aim to give the best possible service and quality assured medical products. Please speak to the pharmacists in charge if you have any further questions or would like further information about our services and we will... read the rest » "

Dispensing Services

"   Derek Clarke Pharmacy dispenses both NHS and private prescriptions, using an advanced database that records all dispensed items. For each new medicine you have been prescribed, we will know instantly whether it is compatible with those you may al... read the rest » "