Additional information for GP practice managers - August 2023

Additional information for GP practice managers - August 2023

Posted On: 15/08/2023

An updated paper patient registration form is available to all GP practices offering the Register with a GP surgery online service. The new form uses the same standardised question set as the online service and can be used instead of the GMS1 form.

Register with a GP surgery is a free service for GP practices to use and is also available in the NHS App. It is reducing variation in patient experience and has been designed using feedback from patients and practices.

Find out more about both registration formats and how to enrol in the service.

The revamped toolkit helps you to encourage your patients to use the NHS App.  

The toolkit contains posters and leaflets for your practice, that can also be printed in black and white. There are images for your practice's TV screens, social media and website. You can also find messaging templates to help explain to your patients how the NHS App can benefit them. 

We are developing new online services to make it easier for patients and staff to manage proxy access requests. The services will:

  • help people with parental responsibility apply for proxy access to online health services on behalf of a child
  • conduct relationship and safeguarding checks before allowing this access

To make sure the services meet your needs, we are looking for people who deal with proxy access requests (such as processing and approving requests) to complete a survey and/or take part in a research interview.

Please sign up if you’re interested in taking part in either the survey or the interviews. If you have any questions you can contact

We have teamed up with Good Things Foundation to publish 10 top tips for supporting digital inclusion in general practice to help you work with local community organisations to make services more inclusive for all.  

From help identifying patients facing digital exclusion to practical solutions, the top tips draw on work by 30 primary care, community and voluntary sector organisations in England.

User researcher Fern Williams describes how we created a new paper patient registration form to complement the online ‘Register with a GP surgery’ service, allowing everyone to have a consistent user experience and leaving no one digitally excluded.