Services Hospital Clinical Services

Hospital Clinical Services

We provide tailored clinical trial services to leading Secondary Care Trusts . Using our in-depth knowledge we deliver solutions ranging from Annex 13 labelling to blinding of packaging ready for dispensing.


Through our network of partners we provide the following services:


IMP batch Release


  • We have a contracted Qualified Person (QP) who is named on a license and is able to release IMPs ready for Clinical Trial use
  • An analysis lab providing stability testing, formulation production and release testing
  • Access to QPs around the world, should we require an audit of a facility abroad


Manufacture of placebos to match study drug over-encapsulation


  • Tablet and capsule placebo manufacture
  • Special liquid formulations
  • Packaging of clinical trial products
  • Over labelling activities


Sourcing of specialist products


  • We can source and supply products that require special manufacture according to your needs such as suppositories or IV formulations